Saturday, January 9, 2010


The holiday season was exceptionally busy for my little family of two this year. We had my parents and sister down for a week for Xmas, on the 31st the Hubs and I set off for New Orleans for the new year and of course the Sugar Bowl. It was a fantastic long weekend but unfortunately fantastically cold as well. I don't have as many pictures as I had hoped because it was a force of will to even take my naked hands out of my coat pockets to take the photos. I know, I'm a spoiled South Floridian, but that's why I moved down here, so I didn't annoy the entire Mid-Atlantic with my constant kvetching about the cold. All in all New Orleans was a fantastic town and I'd love to visit again (just when it's slightly warmer please).

Some shots from the garden district where our hotel was:

The tomb of Marie Laveau and Plessy of Plessy vs. Ferguson

And some shots in the French Quarter and Jackson Square


  1. I was in New Orleans last year this time and it had snowed just before we left on our we packed for freezing weather only. was really, really warm and humid...and we had no warm weather clothes!

    It's an unpredictable city, that's for sure!

  2. @Robin's Seems to be pretty unpredictable but I'm sure I could adjust to hot and humid. Living in South Florida I don't have much in the way of a winter wardrobe so I had to layer about 3-4 light sweaters under my pea-coat to keep from shivering the entire time. I'm sure I looked ridiculously padded but at least I was warm!

  3. New Orleans to me says "old romance". I've never been and it is one place I would love to visit. Loved your pics and considering we are experiencing 3F, it looks pretty warm there. LOL

  4. @Sue It's really a beautiful town. We only got to explore a small portion but I'd love to go back and see more. The Garden District, the trolleys, the French Quarter (minus Bourbon Street) were all fantastic, reminded me of Savannah which is another town I'd recommend heartily.