Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well the swan is progressing better than I had expected. Her bodice is unfinished and her other wing needs to be attached. After that I'll trim the dress and the base and she'll be done!

Thank you so much to JoMo of PeaceofPi Studios for my first ever award!

Check out JoMo's wonderful jewelry and artwork at

This award gave me a great chance to explore new blogs.

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Check them out, they're all fantastic!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some more WIPS

Seems like all I have lately are works in progress.

The swan princess is progressing, I've been inspired again and started painting her. I'm thinking about giving her a beautiful toile gown with a white underskirt. It will probably be hard to work it out with her wings and I'll get frustrated and stuff her back on the shelf for months again. Sorry in advance Swanie.

Alice in Winter was inspired by Tom Waits' song "Alice." The whole album is aural inspiration, so many characters.

My own Alice is unfinished of course. Her hair needs clean up, more painting and her muffler hasn't been made yet! Her poor non-existent hands must be freezing.

Finally I'm working on a siren. This is based on a short story I read from the 100 Wild Little Weird Tales anthology. A young man sailing in the Mediterranean is shipwrecked on an island where he is tended to by a young woman. She cleans the salt water from him, feeds him and helps him regain his strength. I'd like to say they lived happily ever after on the beautiful island but alas she was a siren and only fattening him up to eat him. I suppose the cleaning has to do with the fact that she was watching her salt intake. In any case my siren like the siren in the story is not the traditional mermaid looking temptress, just a beautiful dark woman with exceptionally pointy teeth. I'm trying to get a somewhat hungry look in her eyes.