Friday, May 1, 2009


Here's another WIP picture of Fredrica. As you can see her costuming is beginning to take shape. I wanted her to wear something soft and feminine. The material is actually from my husband's shirt which had an unfortunate accident regarding laundry and bleach. He likes to point out the irony of making a feminine dress for a bearded lady from a man's shirt. Let him scoff, I'm very happy with how it's turning out. To me the fabric is almost Renoir-ish, I imagine it would be the type of thing one of his ladies would wear to the river on a weekend away from Paris. I like the dichotomy of the true 19th century bearded ladies. By today's standards their behavior and sensibilities would be hyper-feminine. I read a story once about a real bearded lady who also had the most beautiful operatic voice, audiences were stunned. That's the kind of softness and power I want Fredrica to have. I like the idea that she may be an incorrigible flirt.

At the same time I'm being incredibly schizophrenic with my projects. I'm starting a large number of them and having trouble finishing some. Some are not my fault, my little snow girl with candle had a crack I didn't notice until after I started painting her. Now I can't repair her with Super Sculpey because the paint is not meant to be baked. I was hoping to keep her skin tone from the clay but it looks like now I'll have to repair her with a strong laquer and paint her whole body. Rawr. Snow White's unfinished condition is entirely my fault, I've lost confidence. I've started painting her and now I freeze, I'm certain one more brush stroke will ruin her. She'll have to wait until the muse strikes again. My muse is not the graceful bestower of gifts seen in traditional art. She is a vicious harpy who smacks me over the head with her lyre and then once the project is going she throws a tantrum. It's like living with a teenager.


  1. Oh, I likey her!!! That's what happens to us when we hit that high level of testosterone! Then it's time to pluck!!! LOL


  2. Wonderful! She has so much charm and attitude, love it!

  3. Hey, I didn't see the dress before...this is killing me! I LOVE HER! Beard and ALL!