Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

It's been awhile since I've posted...Sorry! I was driving home the other day ad I found a baby bird in the road being stalked by one of our local feral cats. I shoo'ed the cat away but of course he didn't go far and I moved the bird out of the road. I hunted high and low for the nest he had fallen out of but no luck. I could have left him there and let the cat have his meal but I'm a softy and I took poor Barnabus home. I wish I could have found the nest to pop him back in but most of the trees there are Royal Palms so if the nest were up there it would be about 15 feet out of my reach.

I'm not condoning taking fledglings and nestlings home, please don't get me wrong. Many times parent birds will tend to the young while they are on the ground. The idea that if you touch a baby bird the parents won't care for it anymore is not true. If the bird is in danger and you can place it back in it's nest do so! The parents have a poor sense of smell and are more than happy to continue caring for their young. Unfortunately in this case it was either leave him to die or take him home. So far Barny is doing well, he's eating hamburger meat and hopping around. He has feathers on his back but still has down on his head and breast. Because he has infant plummage I have no idea what species he is although probably blackbird or cowbird based on the most common types here.I'm doing my best not to stress him out by just letting him be when he isn't being fed. Hopefully he'll make it although I have read baby birds have a 90% fatality rate. Once he's able to fly a bit I'll release him back into the wild. Well back to my round the clock feedings!


  1. will have to take some pics of Barny!

  2. How sweet...poor little guy. I agree with Sue, take pics so we can enjoy a peek and your peeper!!