Monday, May 4, 2009


Finally I pulled out an unfinished piece and have been working on it! Huzzah! Lucinda is something of a troublemaker but she has an oh-so-sweet expression down to an art form. She's been sitting around for a few weeks unpainted but she finally is getting a little color and believe it or not I'm happy with her thus far.

I also wanted a chance to showcase my favorite doll of all time Mittens the Thunderkitten. While dating my now husband we saw an episode of American Dad where the family moves to Iran and Stan takes on a second wife he introduces her to his American wife saying "This is my second wife. Her name is unpronounceable so I just call her Thundercat." J and I started calling each other Thundercat. Then on a trip to Mexico with my parents and sister I purchased Mittens from a man selling hand-carved pieces at Chichen Itza and Mittens the Thunderkitten was born. I can't think of anything I don't love about my Mittens.


  1. Oh that face on Lucinda is adorable!!! Just wonderful expression. Hee, also really like your "mittens"