Thursday, April 9, 2009


Turns out my phone has a camera, a crappy camera but a camera none-the-less. These are two of the creepy kids I was talking about in my previous post, old doll concepts that never came to fruition. The one on top is a scarecrow girl and below her is the innocent, young ax murderess. She's missing her ax in this version, or maybe she's just hiding it for later use. I have to make a trip to the crafts store and take a look at some hardware, I have a picture in my mind of how I'd like them to look finished but the terminology is giving me problems. Basically the arms and legs of each will dangle using metal links kind of like those used on pendants. Maybe real cloth accents as well: ribbons, lace or cloth skirts, maybe even yarn for the scarecrow. I had a great time pulling out and reworking old sketches today, now I don't feel so guilty about the millions of other unfinished dollies I've stashed.


  1. These two drawings are too fabulous!!! And your idea about the dangling arms sounds very interesting!!!I cannot wait to see the end results!!

  2. Boy I can't wait to see these in art doll form! Nice sketches! Happy Easter....