Monday, March 9, 2009

Myrtle and Chester

Myrtle was the first doll I ever made and as such I think she is a good ambassador for my first foray into cyberspace. When I look at her I can see where I have made advances and I certainly don't stick exclusively to prims anymore but I think she and her favorite feline, Chester, will always have a place in my heart.

Myrtle's body is 100% cotton muslin. Her face is painted white with pink cheeks and lips, wood button eyes and a stitched mouth. Her arms are wired so they can be posed. Her dress is 100% cotton home spun plaid with a starched, unbleached muslin apron. Chester is 100% cotton polka dot material with an aged bell. Myrtle's hair is felted wool styled into pigtails.

Eventually I would like to see Myrtle and Chester in a happy home. I have never offered them for sale because I feel their sentimental appeal to me makes up for some imperfections in the stitching from my inexperience at the time. Perhaps once Sugar Donkey sets up an Etsy shop I will list her. I would hate to see her go on ebay.

Am I the only crazy one who gets attached to their creations? Even the older, less than perfect examples?

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